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Friday, October 5, 2018

John McCririck: "frail" appearance 'gaunt' appearance Big Brother

John McCririck created a rare appearance on TV to join the Big Brother's Bit to present his view. But audiences at home seemed to be more worried than that which he had to say regarding the contestants about his look. The 78-year-old racing pundit and former CBB housemate, 

who battled acute influenza at Christmas, lately lost three gems along with his maroon blazer swallowed his delicate frame, while his hat seemed far too significant. 

John McCririck

Does not look well whatsoever."Another common: "Poor John McCririck.  Didn't realize he had been unwell.  Hope the poor bloke's OK."John McCririck is, literally, a shadow of his former self...  Unrecognizable with the weight  BBBOTS," said a shocked third.

 Another stated he appears"so delicate and sick."Back in March, after being made to take off some time while combating 23, John was back to work. He began having problems with address and his legs and was left feeling quite weak. Doctors were baffled, but it later transpired that he was suffering from acute influenza.

On his return to the racecourse, he explained: "I had horrible influenza, and it got to my wrists and voice ‑ it had been awful."It is difficult to recoup from, and I do not entirely match.  But I am Cheltenham-bound, and we are booked in for all four times.

"The next month he stunned fans and appeared on Good Morning Britain was to moving on his first diet down.

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