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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Google Doodle marks Beginning of 2018 Summertime Youth Olympic Video Games Games

The Google Doodle on Saturday, October 6, 2018, celebrates the start of This 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  With over 200 nations the occasion marks the beginning of athletes' profession before they move on to bigger and better things.

 The occasion will see tens of thousands of athletes. It's the first-time Summer Youth Olympic Games have been held out of also the Youth Games for winter or summer and Asia to be held out Eurasia.  The past two summer events are held in Singapore (2010) and Nanjing, China (2014).

Google Doodle

 The doodle sees a young bird compete in athletic events like swimming, gymnastics and weightlifting pool.  As will a new model this season kiteboarding and BMX freestyle park will make their debuts.  Soccer is outside an indoor sport entails players and played with a smaller court.

India will be represented by 47 athletes in the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina across 13 sport (37 areas ) together with the event finishing on October 18 with the final service.  The contingent includes ISSF junior and senior world cup winner Manu Baker, 

Commonwealth Games medallist shooter Mehuli Ghosh, planet youth boxing champion Jyoti Gulia and planet childhood silver medalist Jeremy Lalrinunga in weightlifting. This season will feature National Olympic Committee occasions that are combined in addition to sex events, attracting together athletes from other nations.

 The mascot of the Youth Games is'Pandi' the jaguar, who enjoys sports and is indigenous to Argentina.  The games happen every four years at state and a city with all winter and summer variations.  Silver, gold, and bronze medals are given for first position -- this season.

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